A Significant Event - never before, nor after, witnessed in

Stock Market History.......

A 3-year long competition open to the best known, 
and participated in by 21 money managers
and market-timers.

Each manager began the competition with a $50,000 account opened at Auditrack, a simulated brokerage firm. 

Each manager traded his own account using his own particular methods and style. Periodic contest standings were reported on the KWHY Stock Market channel and other media, and also advertised in various trade publications, including, Investors Business Daily. 

Although the Stock Market exhibited some of the most challenging conditions in recent years, only 6 contestants remained profitable after 3 years, with Greg Meadors the grand winner, with a 276% profit on original equity.

+$138,267 Greg Meadors

 3-Year Methodology Showdown Trading Contest Results