TrendTimer Trading System

Annualized Returns 1992 - 2013

TrendTimer +30.91%
S&P 500 +6.95%

Our TrendTimer trading system actively trades the market in order to
profit whether the market is rising or declining
. It's ideal for S&P 500
bull & bear mutual funds, E-mini futures or other instruments
based upon the S&P 500.

Annual Results 1992 - 2013

Our Average Annual Return is based upon trading
2 E-mini futures, starting with $100K each year.   

The Annualized Return is based upon compounded
results using the following formula:
Current Equity / (ES closing price X $50) equals
the number of ES contracts for the next trade.

The above results do not include reinvesting dividends,
interest, and other earnings, or taxes.


Win-Loss Ratio & Percentage of Winning Trades

S&P 500 Average Annual Drawdown 14.53%
TrendTimer Average Annual Drawdown 13.38%

S&P 500 Maximum Drawdown 51.92%
TrendTimer Maximum Drawdown 23.13%


TrendTimer is our daily charting methodology which eliminates emotional
reactions to market movements that often result in losing trades.   

Traders review the intraday chart at 3:40 PM ET each day, then
determine if a new Long or Short trade has been confirmed, based
upon our trading rules. This process only takes a few minutes,
and trades are then placed "Market on Close". The 
intraday charting uses 10 minute data bars.

Trendline Day Count
TrendTimer uses a unique Trendline methodology, which determines 
if a potential trade has been "activated" at 3:40 PM ET each day. 
Once activated, a trader counts the number of days the current
Trendline has existed, which we call the "Trendline Day Count". 

The "Trendline Day Count" determines which trading rules to use to
"confirm" the next trade (Long or Short).  There are different
trading rules based upon the following "Trendline Day Counts":
3-Day Trendline Count 
4-Day Trendline Count
5-Day Trendline Count
6-Day Trendline Count (or longer)

Trading Rules

We provide historical sample charts for each trading rule,
clearly demonstrate the trading rules (see sample charts below). 
When a Trendline "activates" a potential trade, a trader reviews
the corresponding trading rule based upon the "Trendline Day Count",
in order to confirm a new trade or continue with the current position.

There are also a few other trading rules including:
3rd Day of Position
Stop Loss & Reverse
Additional Information Provided
We also provide our excel spreadsheets with our historical trade dates
since 1992, profit & loss, win/loss ratios, etc, for each trade, and
annual graphs comparing TrendTimer's results with the S&P 500.

The two sample charts below demonstrate
trades based upon the 3-Day Trendline Count 
and the 3rd Day of Position rule.  

Example: 3-Day Trendline rule confirms Long Trade

The chart above demonstrates a Long Trade being activated and
then confirmed on 4/7/93.   

When the Trendline intersects or is below the
magenta or red intraday
data bars at
3:30 & 3:40 PM ET, the Trendline has activated a
Long trade.  Once activated a trader then reviews the
corresponding two trading rules used for 3-Day Trendlines. The 
first rule confirmed the Long trade as follows:

1st Trading Rule For 3-Day Trendlines
If both the
magenta or red bars close or equal or are "higher" than
the previous day's corresponding
magenta and red bars close,
then a Long trade is confirmed. 


 Example: "3rd Day of Position" Rule

This rule requires that all confirmed Short trades using 3-Day Trendlines
have to be profitable at the time of the
red bar close to be confirmed. 

The chart above demonstrates the entry price of the Long trade on
1/25/04 was 1169.75, which was exactly the same price as the
red bar close on 1/28/05, thus, the trade was NOT profitable
by 1 tick. Therefore, the confirmed Short trade was negated.

The Long position continued to be held as the market moved
higher, generating a 22.75 point profit per E-mini contract
as demonstrated in the chart below.


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TrendTimer Trading System
includes consultations 

Money Back Guarantee
TrendTimer's Long & Short recommended trades are guaranteed
to be profitable during the 12 month period following purchase
date otherwise a full refund will be provided upon request.

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SEC required disclosure: From 1992 thru 1998 the S&P 500 Futures data was
used (1999 to present ES E-mini data) and rolled over each expiration month
using $30 commission/slippage and $50 for each contract point based upon the
daily closing prices. The results of reinvesting dividends, interest, and other
earnings, or taxes, are not included. The results prior to 1998 are back-tested
 and were achieved by means of a retroactive application of TrendTimer's
trading rules. Historical back-tested results may not reflect the impact of
 any material market, nor economic factors that might have been utilized.
It should not be assumed that the TrendTimer trade recommendations
made in the future will be profitable or will equal past performance.