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1)  Why should I follow a Stock Market timing system instead of a "Buy & Hold" strategy?

Stock Market timing can be characterized as the act of making trading decisions based on codified criteria, which could include indicators such as the prime lending rate, the unemployment rate, price movements, volume, or other fundamental or technical indicators.  However, many Investors allow their emotions to guide them during Market extremes.  Some Investors tend to buy at the top when enthusiasm is the greatest, and sell at the bottom when the Market drops and enthusiasm wanes.

Systematic timing strategies attempt to both achieve greater returns than "Buy and Hold", while also reducing short-term losses by using mathematical and statistical analysis to determine when to go long or short.  Thus, with a well-engineered and tested system profits can be obtained in both Bull and Bear Markets.   

2) How can I increase or decrease leverage?


To increase or reduce leverage the Long & Short signals can be utilized trading Bull & Bear Mutual Funds, or you can use other leveraged investment instruments that correlate with the S&P 500. However, when you increase leverage you also increase equity volatility and short-term losses (drawdowns).

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