After years of extensive stock market research and the development of proprietary trading systems, Greg Meadors and his wife published the Market Systems newsletter for 12 years, starting in 1987.    

They published many articles on market timing which have appeared in Knight-Ridder Financial Products & News, Traders World magazine, Club 3000 News, Traders Catalog & Resource Guide; and were also referenced in several magazines,  books and almanacs.

Greg Meadors had many televised interviews on the Jeff Bowers'  "Guru Review Show", CNBC/FNN, and on the Richard Saxton Southern California KWHY stock market channel.

In 1994, he joined the 3-year Methodology Showdown Stock Market Trading Competition which included 21 well-known money managers and market timers. He won the 3-year contest with a 276% profit on original equity. 

Some of the Many Testimonials

"Greg Meadors is an incredibly accurate market timer."
          Jeff Bower, Guru Review, FNN (CNBC)

"I have been a broker for over 15 years, and have subscribed to countless letters, none have been as accurate as Greg Meadors."
          Stan Weiner, broker, Smith Barney

"I wish you luck in your endeavors. Your record is certainly one to be admired."
          Welles Wilder, Delta Phenomenon, Trend Research

"Keep up the good work on your Hotline."
          Dick Garvey, Director, Rushmore Fund

"Your market timing has been exceptionally accurate and I simply couldn't trade my OEX options without it."
          Ron Iskenderian, Iskenderian Racing Cams, CA