Excerpts from the JOURNAL OF COMMERCE
January 15, 1921

During an interview with the correspondent of the Journal of Commerce the other day, Mr. Gann said that brighter times are ahead for stock market operators this year. There will be a gradual rise in stocks the present winter months, and the beginning of the Harding administration will mark a notable rise in securities.  Investments in securities will be quite active throughout the year. Mr. Gann finds that business conditions in general will improve this year and the old-time confidence will be restored to the investing public.

This gentleman has made some important predictions in this day.  He foretold about nine months in advance the exact day of the Kaiser's abdication, and the end of the World War.  Mr. Gann also predicted the elections of both President Wilson and that of Harding.  He has forecast events in the lives of persons who are prominent in the political and business affairs of this nation; and these men testify to the accuracy of Mr. Gann's predictions.  

He showed the writer numerous letters from men high in the Army and Navy, State executives, banking officials, well known clergymen, and hosts of others whose signatures to letters mean that the truth has been spoken. They are all men whose position and standing could not afford them to write or say anything unless they knew the true facts about which they were writing.  This a great credit to Mr. Gann and it proves that he knows whereof he speaks.

Mr. Gann has made noteworthy prognostications of the markets, which provided to be true in course of time.  His calculations are based on the Science Of Letters, Numbers and Astrology.

In 1909 his record in speculation created a sensation.  The "Ticker Magazine" and many newspapers throughout the country commented on his accurate forecasts and trading record. And since that year his predictions on the movements of stocks have been just as remarkable.  

He sends out forecasts twelve months in advance, and at the beginning of 1919 he predicted the bull market that year and the big decline in November of the same year.  He foretold the advance in stocks last April, and the sever decline in November, and December last year.  

On the general run of stocks for last year, all his predictions, which were made at the beginning of 1920, came true.  He spoke with emphasis of the declining market which could be expected at the end of last year.  Happenings proved that his predictions were correct.